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Alarm Registration

This form can be used to register an alarm with the police department as required by law. You may also register an unalarmed business with us at no cost. This provides the department with valuable information should it be needed in the time of an emergency.

Each alarm user who plans to transmit alarms to the Westerly Department of Police Services via a central station, a local alarm, an auto-dialer or a direct line must register with the police department before doing so. Alarm users are required to complete an alarm registration form, which is available at the police department and on this website, within five (5) business days of the installation of the alarm system. The alarm registration form includes necessary information, e.g., type of alarm, location, and key holder(s). It is the alarm user’s responsibility to notify the police department in writing, of all changes in alarm registration information.

There is an initial non-prorated fee of $15.00 for registration of your alarm system. The registration fee is good for three years. Checks are to be made payable to the Town of Westerly. The alarm registration fee will be waived for residential alarm users who are over 65 years of age, blind, deaf or physically handicapped to the extent that their mobility is limited provided that the user is the primary resident and that business is not conducted in, upon or from the residence. Please provide proof of exemption i.e. copy of drivers license.

Please help reduce false alarms. Alarm systems should be professionally maintained to keep them in excellent operating condition. Well maintained alarm systems result in fewer false alarms. False alarms are intolerable because they endanger the officers who respond to them as well as motorists and pedestrians along their route of travel. Additional information on the prevention of false alarms is available at Westerly Police Headquarters.

Please help us to help you. Alarm users can help us to quickly locate their alarmed residence or business by displaying their addresses so that they are clearly visible from the street. Town Ordinance 64-9 requires that the unobstructed assigned number be displayed on the front of the residences and structures in the vicinity of the front doors or entry ways when the residences or structures are within 50 feet of the edge of the street are required to display the unobstructed assigned number on a mailbox, post, fence, wall or property line adjacent to the walk or driveway. The assigned number must be at least three (3) inches in size and of a color that contrasts with the background on which it is placed.